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Industrial Process Automation

Akshara provides a whole portfolio of first services to confirm-most performance of your instrumentality and processes. We facilitate to enhance productivity, minimise value, and extend the helpful lifetime of merchandise and systems. 

Industrial automation is that the method of group action processed machinery, management systems, or alternative info technologies into your organization to interchange human operations.
Industrial automation uses each hardware and software package to contour a spread of physical processes. It’s unremarkably utilized in producingsettings like massive factories and warehouses to contour production, assembly, and material handling.

Our Technology
  • Supervisor control and data acquisition (SCADA):Processes period of timeknowledgeto regulate and monitor industrial processes and speed up operations.
  • Distributed control system (DCS):Uses a central watchingnetwork connected to devices to regulatetotally different functions.
  • Human machine interface (HMI):A software systemapplication that interpretsknowledge for human operators, thatpermits them to move and communicate with machines to enhance production.
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC): Uses one microprocessor to monitor and gather device and sensor data, process information, and trigger certain actions based on these results. 
  • Programmable automation controller (PAC): Similar to PLCs, but PACs use multiple processors to support larger automation operations and tasks.
  • Artificial neural network (ANN): A computing system that simulates how a brain processes data to identify any network patterns.
  • Robotics: Perform tasks to improve production speed and quality.